1LDK+JK’s First Images Leaked

Hey, guys! Today we start the day with a news: Mary Jane leaked the first images of 1LDK+JK Ikinari Doukyo? Micchaku!? Hatsu Ecchi!!?

Well, we can’t deny that the quality of the images is a bit questionable, but if we forget that little detail, the design of the schoolgirl looks great!

You know how it is, we’ll surely have the official images in a few days, don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted and will let you know as soon as it happens! Stay tuned!


Akane Misaki is a schoolgirl who has started living alone. Due to a mistake by her landlady, the same apartment was rented by her and Ken Hazama, a salaryman. The two come to an agreement that they will only live together for a week until another apartment becomes available. That same night, Akane hears that they are having sex in the apartment next door, sounds that make the teenager very horny. On the other hand, Ken realizes that Akane was masturbating and then…