Beautiful Dominant Woman Sexually Subdues High School Student

Hi guys, how’s it going? I have some good news for those looking for some action with mature and dominant women. I present to you the Ema ~Amatoro Bijo ni Taberarete~ doujin!

This series consists of two doujins by Junshain Inoue group, and I assure you that you will love them. The first doujin was released digitally on June 11th of last year, and its sequel went on sale starting April 1st of this year.

Ema ~Amatoro Bijo ni Taberarete~

Jun is a young man who loses his virginity to Emma, an adult woman he had just met on the street.

After living that indescribable pleasure with that woman, he receives a message from her telling him that she invites him to eat at her house. Jun cannot resist the temptation and goes to her house with sexual intentions.

This is how Jun’s new life with Emma begins, a woman who will devour him violently while drowning him in pleasure.

Ema 2 ~Amatoro Bijo ni Jirasarete~

It’s been a while since Jun has been living with Emma, the mature and perverted woman who took his virginity until he passed out.

One day, Emma asks him out on a date and asks him to abstain from ejaculating for a week before the date, if he manages to do as she asks, she will reward him with something very special. During this week, Jun is tempted by the erotic selfies Emma sends him and by her smooth naked body that is exposed in the house. Finally, on the date, he meets Emma dressed as a succubus and she sexually dominates him after being deprived of ejaculation for a week.

So if you want to enjoy some action with mature and dominant women, don’t hesitate to give these mangas a chance.

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