‘Bubble de House de Marumarumaru The Animation’ Surprises with Its First Images!

Hi guys, today I’m going to tell you about a Pink Pineapple news, Bubble de House de Marumarumaru The Animation, their new vanilla hentai, has presented their preview images!

This new hentai looks great. The manga fans will be satisfied with its animated version.

Very well, guys. we’ll let you know when they unveil their trailer.

Four months ago, I tried to move into a student house that offered cheap rent on the condition of testing bathroom products from a famous manufacturer. I assumed I hadn’t been selected, but suddenly I realized I was chosen as the second option and was accepted into the house.

Although I moved in with great joy, I realized that all my roommates were girls, and they were all students from my university, one year above me. The fact that I already knew some of them unilaterally complicated things. It seems that this life experience in common with a touch of emotion is inevitable.

So, my life in this house full of showers and excitement begins.


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