College Student Falls in Love with a Girl with a Rare Medical Condition

Hi guys, today I’m going to tell you about a romance doujinshi. Boku no Kanojo wa Yodare ga Oosugiru is an amazing doujinshi created by artist Yamamoto Tomomitsu, member of famous Diletta circle.

Aoi is a lovely girl who often covers her mouth with a towel and quietly observes her surroundings. During her first year at university, the protagonist, a fellow student from her classes, felt a sense of curiosity about her mysterious charm. Captivated by Aoi’s occasional secret smiles, the protagonist gathered the courage to confess their feelings. To their surprise, Aoi agreed, and they began dating.

However, despite being in a relationship, Aoi’s reserved nature persisted, and their connection seemed to lack progress. Eager to understand her better, the university student invited Aoi on a date, only to discover a surprising secret she had been hiding.

The doujinshi is already available since last May 3, so don’t miss it!

You can buy this doujinshi here: