Doukyo Suru Neneki 02 OVA Unveils Its First Images

Hey guys, a few hours ago Getchu revealed the image gallery of Doukyo Suru Neneki 02, the slime girl hentai released on November 10. I hope you enjoy it.

This second OVA maintains the same quality as the first one, so if you enjoy this animated version, you’ll love this second episode.

The trailer might take some time to be released, as this OVA is scheduled to be released on February 2. We’ll keep you informed when the video is released.


On his routine train journey back home, Yuuji experiences an unexpected turn when he discovers that next to him is the slime that lives in his house transformed into his coworker, Takamiya-san. After an incident, the slime girl confronts a schoolgirl, but Yuuji manages to calm the situation. Once at home, unable to contain her anger, the slime girl decides to take revenge with a perverted game. She transforms into the schoolgirl and, moreover, splits herself so that the other half takes the form of Takamiya. As Yuuji has these two women at his disposal, he can’t control his passion and fucks them.


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