Eromanga Mitai na Koi Shiyou Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Eromanga Mitai na Koi Shiyou: Let’s Fall in Love The Ero-manga, a Comedy and Romance hentai, has just celebrated 15 years since its release.


This hentai is based on Ero Manga Mitai na Koi Shiyou hentai manga by artist Yasui Riosuke. Serialization of manga began on February 1, 2005 in the Comic Potpourri Club magazine.

The anime series made its debut on May 30, 2008. It was produced by Pink Pineapple and animated by Flavors Soft. The hentai concluded with its second episode on September 26 of same year.


Episode 1

Mizuki, a yandere obsessed with her best friend, gives him unconditional help in the creation of her hentai manga. One day, Mizuki crosses the line and helps him create more doujinshis using her body.

Tokinomiya, an upper-class young woman, decides to leave her luxurious mansion to live with her beloved butler.

Episode 2

Azusa is a perverted girl who goes into heat from time to time. To calm down, she has sex with her stepbrother.

Mayo is a schoolgirl who has problems with her huge tits. One day, when she was with her only friend, she asks him to touch them.


Although we do not have precise information about its reception in Japan, it is likely to have been successful due to Yasui Riosuke’s debut.

As for overseas, the series was initially well received, but its popularity declined over time.


  1. Eromanga Mitai na Koi Shiyou was the first hentai anime by author Yasui Riosuke.
  2. Its two episodes are titled “Page 1” and “Page 2”, referring to manga pages.
  3. On November 26, 2010, Pink Pineapple released a compilation package including the two episodes.
  4. Yujiro Hanma, a main character in Baki’s franchise, is referenced in the second story of first OVA.
  5. A reference to Kenshiro from anime Hokuto no Ken is shown in the second story of second OVA.
  6. The second OVA features a post-credits scene.

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