Exciting News: Sakusei Byoutou The Animation to Release Two New Episodes by Year’s End!

Incredible news! Pink Pineapple announced today that Sakusei Byoutou The Animation will have two new OVAs!

Both episodes will be released on December 22 and will star Numajiri, the obsessive nurse, and Kiritani, the black-hearted nurse.

It should be noted that the seventh episode will have more than one OVA because Pink Pineapple revealed in its title that it is the first part.

If you are excited about the return of these sadomasochistic nurses, don’t worry, we will inform you when they announce more details about their new OVAs.

Sakusei Byoutou The Animation 06 story

The sixth nurse, with the worst personality of them all, is the obsessive and biting nurse Numajiri, who does nothing but make sarcastic remarks over and over.

Numajiri mocks Yamada with sarcastic comments whenever she can. Unable to bear it any longer, Yamada tries to escape from the hospital, but is caught by Numajiri.

Numajiri punishes Yamada by taking him to the emergency staircase where he forces him to have sex with nurse Mochizuki.

Sakusei Byoutou The Animation 07 Part 1 story

The seventh nurse with the worst personality is the black-hearted nurse, Kiritani.

Kiritani is Yamada’s new nurse, and unlike his previous nurses, she treats him with kindness and affection. Yamada thought his turbulent days were over, but Kurokawa, his second nurse, tells him that Kiritani is a ruthless former delinquent who harasses people. However, Yamada didn’t believe anything Kurowaka said, as he was unable to believe that sweet Kiritani could be a wicked person. However, Yamada didn’t believe anything Kurowaka said, as he was unable to imagine that Kiritani, a kind-hearted nurse, could be a wicked person.

Later, he would come to realize that Kiritani does have a black heart.


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