Exciting Preview: Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku to Second OVA Image Gallery is Revealed

In other news, producer Pink Pineapple revealed the image gallery for the second Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku to… The Animation OVA! All his images can be seen here:

This OVA looks incredible, and the mature witch looks excellent. In my opinion, fans of this doujinshi will be very satisfied with this adaptation.

I remind you that its second OVA will be released on October 27.


The witch Mojikawa, who earns a living by divining people’s love future, spends every day having sex with her lover Leo, a young boy who used to be her client. Now Mojikawa is going through difficulties because her fortune-telling magic has not been working properly these days.

Mojikawa’s mother, Mamma, discovers that her daughter’s magic malfunction is because she and her boyfriend are having too much sex. As she watches them doing kinky things with her crystal ball, Mamma can’t stop her body from getting hot. One evening, she gives in to pleasure and has an affair with the bellboy at the hotel where she is staying.


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