‘Fleur The Animation’ Impresses with Revealed Images!

In other news, Pink Pineapple made waves today with the exciting first images of Fleur The Animation, their new vanilla hentai.

Despite its low budget, this new hentai looks very good, even better than 3Piece The Animation, another hentai by the same artist that left much to be desired.

I suppose they show its trailer before the end of the year since the OVA is set to be released on January 26.


Shinonome-san, my editor-in-chief, is diligent and kind, often going above and beyond to take care of things. Even though I know I shouldn’t look at her in a sexual way, I can’t help but indulge in erotic fantasies. While I was showering, I start masturbating while fantasizing about her, and when I started to ejaculate, Shinonome-san was in front of me completely sprayed with my semen. This is how my relationship with a sexy editor who wears glasses begins.

To gather references for a new erotic manga, Shinonome-san agrees to play the role of a young wife. She calls me “Master” while doing housework wearing an apron while naked, but this sensual situation causes me to get an involuntary erection. When Shinonome-san realizes what she has just stirred up, she seems to be willing to have conjugal sex with me.


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