Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaasan Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaasan: Iki Jigoku ni Ochita Kazoku no Game The Animation, a hentai series about Incest, Milf and Gal, has completed 10 years since its release.


The hentai is inspired by Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san ~Iki Jigoku ni Ochita Kazoku no Game~ (不良にハメられて受精する巨乳お母さん ~イキ地獄に堕ちた家族のゲーム~), a eroge developed by Erectlip. The game was released on February 24, 2012.

Its anime adaptation was released on May 31, 2013. The series consists of two episodes, produced by Pink Pineapple and animated by Office Takeout. The last episode was released on August 30 of the same year.


The protagonist lives with his mother in a village full of delinquents. To protect him, Shin, the boss of the delinquents, becomes his friend so that he won’t be bullied by them. However, Shin’s true plans are revealed when he shows interest in his mother.


In Japan, the series had a moderate reception. Incidentally, in 2013, there was only one Pink Pineapple hentai that stood out above all others. I will talk about this when that hentai reaches its anniversary.

On the other hand, the series achieved great success thanks to its lurid and cruel story.


  1. Its animated version is not as hardcore as the game.
  2. The eroge has several endings, with gore ending being the most controversial of them all.
  3. The hentai was directed by legendary director Araki Hideki.
  4. Nothing is known about Kyouko’s seiyuu, Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaasan’s mother, except that it was her only role in a hentai series.
  5. Due to her ending, Kyouko is considered one of the baddest mothers in the world of hentai animation.

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