Harem Cult Unveils Images and Trailer for Its Final Episode

Good news for fans of the Harem Cult hentai! The anime label Queen Bee has just released the first images and trailer for its latest episode, which will released on May 26th.

Despite the poor animation, the story has been very well received by fans of the harem and masochism genre.

If you are a fan of the manga or its animated version, don’t miss the finale of this perverted series!


Hatorijima and Shimura were about to follow the orders of Awano, the council president whose word is law, but are stopped because Hajime set them up by sending messages to all the students in the school about what they were doing. After executing his plan, Hajime defeats the president and rescues Tatsumi.

After Tatsumi was tortured and rescued, he realizes his great sexual abilities, so he pleases the four students who were there. Awano, the cold and hot-tempered chairwoman, is now being anally trained by the protagonist until she awakens his sexual desire.


©宇場義行/コアマガジン/Queen Bee