Housewife Has Sex with Her Own Son to Help Him with His Studies

Fans of incest doujinshi have a new series to dive into with the release of Okaa-san dattee Onna Nandayo! by artist Siberian Hahasky. The doujinshi was released on March 27 and has already captured the attention of mother-son incest lovers.


Natsumi is a married woman who has a son. She currently has no sexual activity with her husband.

One afternoon, her son Takuya asks her to have sex with him because, seeing her as a woman, he cannot concentrate for his exams.

Natsumi is perplexed by her son’s proposal, and although she rejects it, Takuya’s continued insistence and his carnal desire lead her to have sex with her own son.

If you like incest, you can’t miss this doujinshi about a son who loves his mother.

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