Idol Is Corrupted by Being Raped in Dearest Blue Episode 2!

The next news comes from PoRO, as they also confirmed that Dearest Blue, the new hentai about a raped idol, will have a second OVA!

In spite of Rio’s pleas for help, Mamoru only watches as she is raped by her agency’s president, Akitsugawa. Devastated, Rio surrenders herself to the sexual abuse by her president. When Mamoru, who secretly waited for the perfect opportunity to save her, is shocked to see Rio with a submissive and flattering attitude, completely different from that of his childhood friend.

Damn, guys. From being constantly raped, the idol went from being a sweet and somewhat bossy girl to a submissive and insecure one. Let’s hope her childhood friend saves her or at least the forced sex with her is interesting.

In case you are wondering, this second OVA is also going to be released on August 30.