JAV: A Man Asks His Co-worker to Fuck His Wife

Good morning, everyone. We’re starting the week with a news I forgot to share. It’s about a new live-action adaptation based on Tsukiyo no Midare Zake doujinshi!

Original title: 累計10万DL!!人気NTR同人を実写化!! 原作:HGTラボ月夜のみだれ酒 ~人妻は酔い潰れた夫の側で同僚に寝取られる~ 椎名ゆな
Cast: Yuna Shina
Runtime: 118 min
Release date: June 7
Label/Company: MADONNA

Tsukiyo no Midare Zake is a NTR doujinshi series by artist Tsusauto. Both doujinshi episodes were published in late October 2020.

Eri, a 29-year-old woman, is married and leads what appears to be a normal life. However, there is a disturbing secret in her relationship; she and her husband have not had sex in the last three years. One night, her husband and a co-worker named Satoru arrive at their home. As her husband falls asleep from excessive drinking, Satoru takes the opportunity to seduce Eri, who desperately tries to resist. From that moment on, Satoru does not stop harassing her until they finally have sexual intercourse. Although Eri feels overwhelmed by guilt, she soon discovers that the infidelity was orchestrated by her own husband.

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