JAV: A Very Quiet Girl Is a Pervert Who Has Sex in the Library

Good morning, guys. I hope you’re in the mood for some adult films, because today I’m going to talk to you about two new ones. The first one is the live action of Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke. doujinshi!

Original title: 無口な図書委員とセックス漬け。 原作:ユズハ 総販売数10万部超え人気作を実写化! 水卜さくら
Cast: Sakura Miura
Runtime: 121 min
Release date: June 14
Label/Company: MOODYZ

Mukuchi na Tosho Iin to Sex Zuke. (Addicted to Sex With a Taciturn Library Committee Member) is a doujinshi series by artist Yuzuha that went on sale on December 30, 2019.

Akemi is bad at communicating. Our protagonist spends his free time in the library that she’s running. The distance between them seems wide, but one accidental pantyshot will lit a fire in both of them that will not subside until the fuck like animals.

You can buy this doujinshi with English subtitles here: