JAV: Boy Fucks Schoolgirl Who Just Confessed Her Love

The next and final adult movies news comes from MOODYZ studio, as they announced the live-action adaptation of Hypothesis: Sex with a Girl you DON’T Have Feelings for is More Exciting.

Original title: 実写版 好きじゃない娘とセッ〇スした方が 興奮する説
Runtime: 120 min
Release date: March 29
Label/Company: MOODYZ

Hypothesis: Sex with a Girl you DON’T Have Feelings for is More Exciting (Suki ja Nai ko to Sex Shita Hou ga Koufun Suru Setsu) is a schoolgirls and romance doujinshi by artist Ail. This work went on sale on October 26, 2018 and currently has English, Korean and Chinese translations.

Due to certain reasons the protagonist is currently in the midst of long period of nofap abstention. Then, one day, he gets a confession of love from a girl at his school.

Her bustilicious body is discernable even when in uniform She is so slim and delicious! Even better, she looks to be still growing! With her bra and shirt faintly transparent, the protagonist cannot hold in his lust.

In the face of such an enticing morsel, any sense of reason or restraint are blown to smithereens. Regardless of the fact that he has no feelings for her, he accepts the confession, and immediately brings her over to his place… where it just so happens that no-one is around…!

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