JAV: Bullied Boy Takes Revenge on Student Council President by Raping Her

The next news comes from MOODYZ studio, as they announced a new live-action adaptation based on How To Destroy Wicked Women’s Heart ~Kuriko’s Case~.

MIMK-147 腹黒女の壊しかた ~生徒会長・平井栗子の場合~ 実写版 最低最悪のクズ性悪女を徹底的にレ×プ!レ×プ!!レ×プ!!! , is a porn movie based on How To Destroy Wicked Women’s Heart ~Kuriko’s Case~. a Schoolgirl, Lolicon, Revenge and Rape CG by artist Hiraru that was released on June 24, 2017. The film will last 2 hours, will star actresses Hikaru Minazuki, Kana Yura and Kyoka Suzune. It will be released on February 16.

A beautiful student council’s president is attracting others’ attention in the school. However, since the day the protagonist comes in the school, students turns their interests from her to him. She gets frustrated by his presence, so she starts bullying him with her women all belonging to the student council. In fact, she just camouflages her wicked mind with her moral acts!

But when he is at the corner of mental depression, he gets opportunity to revenge…

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