JAV: Overweight student is persuaded by three schoolgirls to exercise in exchange for sex

Hi again guys, the second porn movie I bring you today is the live action Debu Kara Hajimeru Sutekina Nichijou.

This film was produced by E-BODY under the title EBWH-005 デブから始めるステキな日常 ~実写版~ デブの俺がエロをご褒美にダイエットさせられ高身長ギャル達と筆おろしハーレムできた話. The video will last 2 hours and will be released on September 15 in digital format.

Debu Kara Hajimeru Sutekina Nichijou (デブから始めるステキな日常) is a Schoolgirls and Harem full color doujinshi by author Ashizuki. This work went on sale on November 17, 2022.


Three schoolgirls feel frustrated due to the lack of attractive boys in their classroom. To solve their problem, they persuade one of their overweight classmates to improve his appearance through exercise. As the boy manages to lose weight and transform his physical appearance, the girls fulfill their promise to have sex with him.

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