JAV: Rejected Otaku’s Sentimental Life Takes a Turn When Entering a Sexual Love Triangle

Are you an otaku who likes schoolgirls and romance? If that’s the case, you might like the following adaptation. The studio MOODYZ is going to release a live-action adaptation based on Rabutora! -Love Triangle- CG.

This movie is titled MIMK-130 ラブトラ!-Love Triangle-ボクを奪い合う逆3Pハーレム 原作・diletta 、イラスト・あくせま 累計4万部超えの超人気作実写化!! 乙アリス 月野かすみ, has a duration of 120 minutes, will star actresse Alice Otsu and Kasumi Tsukino. Its digital release date is set for November 3.

Rabutora! is a series that includes a CG, a doujin, and a Motion Anime, all of which were produced by the circle Diletta.


Yusuke confesses his feelings to his friend Yuri, but she rejects him. Fortunately for Yusuke, their friendship remains intact because they both share a love for anime and manga. As usual, Yuri visits Yusuke to read manga, but she doesn’t come alone; she brings her friend Mana with her. From that day on, the three of them would become involved in a love triangle.

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