JAV: Salaryman Has Sex with His Co-Worker

Hello guys, I have an exciting news to share with you today. The popular studio MADONNA has decided to produce a porn movie based on Shokuba no Senpai doujinshi!

Titled URE-095 累計3万DL越え!!某SNSで話題沸騰した「理想の女上司」がMadonnaで実写化!! 原作・IV VA SHIN 職場の先輩 SNSでは公開しきれなかった卑猥なSEXシーンを再現!!さらに実写オリジナル社内FUCKも特別収録!! 君塚ひなた, this porn adaptation, which will be 2 hours long and will star actress Hinata Kimitsuka, will be released on June 23.

For those unfamiliar, Shokuba no Senpai is a doujinshi created by artist Mikuni Mizuki. This work went on sale on June 16, 2021.


The protagonist is a young employee in charge of Asami, a beautiful senpai who is very good at her job.

During an after work party, Asami proposes to the protagonist that they go to another bar. He tells her that it is already very late and that they might miss last train, but she replies that if that happens, they can both stay in a hotel. As the two did miss the train, they stay in a love hotel where they have sex.

After that night, the two would become closer.

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