JAV: Schoolgirls Can’t Control Their Sexual Desire and End up Being Raped

From netorare, we move on to rape. MOODYZ confirmed today that it will make a second porn movie based on Karami Zakari hentai doujinshi!

This sequel is titled MIMK-132 カラミざかり2 原作 桂あいり 累計販売数400万部超え シリーズコラボ第2章 小野六花 石原希望 and will continue to star the sensual actresses Rikka Ono and Nozomi Ishihara. Its release date is scheduled for October 13.


The protagonist spends his summer vacation studying to pass his final exams, unlike his friends who spend all day having sex. The four best friends attend a festival to create good memories together, however, they don’t hold back and have exhibitionist sex. To their misfortune, they are discovered by a group of thugs who rape the two girls. Despite the protagonist’s concern about what happened days ago and that they were brutally raped, the two girls have fun having sex with an acquaintance.

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