JAV: Student Has Sex with Two Beautiful Girls from Literature Club

Good news for Arekusa Mahone fans! The popular Yarasetekureru Senpai doujinshi series will be brought to life with an adult movie titled MIMK-121 実写でも!ヤラせてくれる先輩 FANZA同人ランキング日間1位週間1位月間1位シリーズ総販売数30万部超 花柳杏奈 花狩まい.

Produced by MOODYZ and lasting two hours, this movie promises to give us a good dose of schoolgirls and harem. Talented actresses Anna Hanayagi and Mai Hanakari will star as sexy girls of the literature club.

The film is scheduled for release on June 16.

From the release of the first doujinshi on April 12, 2021, to its final episode on November 30, 2022, fans of artist Arekusa Mahone have been captivated by his stories.


Adachi-kun joins the literature club to prevent it from being closed. In this club, he meets his senpais Shiho and Marin. Through physical contact with Marin, Adachi-kun becomes aroused and confesses to Shiho that he masturbates thinking about her. From there, a sexfriend relationship begins between Adachi-kun and Shiho.

A few days later, Shiho proposes to Adachi-kun to have a threesome with Marin. After they had sex in a love hotel, a love triangle is formed between Adachi-kun, Shiho and Marin.

As Shiho will be absent from the club for a while due to her studies, Adachi-kun must take care of the club and satisfy Marin’s sexual desires.

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