JAV: Student Rapes Girl His Best Friend Loves to Get Her Addicted to Sex

The hot news continues in the adult film world! The popular Schoolgirl, Rape and Mind Break doujinshi, Udo “Akane wa Nankai mo Rape Suru to Kimochi Yoku Narunda”, will have a live action!

he Fitch studio will release its live action titled NIMA-018 衝撃の大ヒット同人コミックを実写化!ウド「アカネは何回もレ●プすると気持ちよくなるんだ。」 さつき芽衣 生写真付き, a movie that will last two hours. The leading role will be played by actress Mei Satsuki, who will play the schoolgirl who is raped until she becomes addicted to sex.

And for all those impatient to enjoy this provocative production, the release date is July 14!

Udo’s original doujinshi is a series composed of two works by talented artist Naburokku, a member of renowned Studio Huan circle.

Udo, a tall and kind student, lives a fun student life together with his childhood friend Haruki and a group of girlfriends. However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when Haruki reveals his intention to confess his feelings to Akane, a friend of the group. Although he appears to be supportive, Udo has sinister plans in mind.

The same day, Udo meets Akane on the school rooftop and completely subdues her by tying her up, then raping her. He continues to sexually abuse her until she becomes addicted to sex.

Now that Akane has changed due to her traumatic experience, she must respond to Haruki’s confession of love.