JAV: Superhero Stops Serial Murderess by Raping Her

Today they also announced that popular Tekken Seisai Stopman erotic CG will be getting his own adult movie.

The movie is titled MIMK-122 鉄拳精裁ストップマン 時間停止vs元彼殺しサイコ女 原作・alansmithee同人を実写化! 黒川すみれ and was produced by MOODYZ. The film will be 2 hours long and will star talented actress Sumire Kurokawa.

It should be noted that Tekken Seisai Stopman’s erotic CG was created by the Alansmithee circle and was released on June 25, 2012.

The movie is scheduled for release on June 16, so don’t miss it!


Stopman is a superhero who fights crime with his special ability to stop time. On this occasion, he will face a murderous woman who has killed her boyfriends. Even though he raped her as punishment, she is still trying to kill, so Stopman continues to rape her until he reforms her.

You can buy this CG here: