JAV: Three Schoolgirls Form a Harem with a High School Student

I’ve got another hot news for you today. The second announcement is about a brand new porn movie from MOODYZ, based on Harem wa Kanojo no Nioi doujinshi!

The film will be titled MIMK-129 ハーレムは彼女の匂い 汗と性の匂いが充満する世界。原作 鳳まひろ シリーズ累計10万部超えの人気作実写版! 小花のん 美園和花 姫咲はな, and will have a runtime of 2 hours. The seductive actresses Non Ohana, Waka Misono, and Hana Himesaki will take on the leading roles in this exciting movie.

Just like the previous movie, this one will hit the screens on July 14.

Harem wa Kanojo no Nioi is a series of three doujinshi created by artist Ootori Mahiro. For now, the live-action adaptation will only cover the first doujinshi in this series.


Harem wa Kanojo no Nioi is about a young student who is seduced by the perverted senpai in the library. Her pheromones secreted by his sweat and body fluids captivate his childhood friend and stepsister. Thus begins a harem between the four of them.