JAV: Wife Cures Father-In-Law’s Depression by Having Sex with Him

Today we have some news that NTR fans will love. Rourennhei’s doujin is getting an exciting adult movie!

Under title URE-094 義父の淫技に支配される美嫁の痴態を卑猥に描いた人気同人が忠実実写化!! 原作:雷酸水銀 老練兵 実写オリジナル濡れスケ羞恥性交も追加収録!! 倉多まお, this movie promises to deliver us two hours full of gerontophilia and unbridled infidelity. The production has been handled by MADONNA, a studio renowned for its exciting projects in the genre. And that’s not all, because the beautiful and talented Mao Kurata has been cast as the protagonist of this fiery film.

The most amazing thing is that the porn movie is going to be released this May 19, so don’t miss this exciting movie!

The film is based on Rourennhei’s gerontophilic and netorare doujinshi. The work was released on August 2, 2021, and fans are still waiting for the artist Ten to continue it.


Mio is a housewife who is not only an exemplary wife and mother, she is also secretly her father-in-law’s mistress.

After her father-in-law’s wife passed away, he went into a severe depression and his family decided to move in with him to take care of him.

While her husband and son are away, Mio takes care of her father-in-law, but her actions seem to stir up the memory of his late wife, leading him to seek solace in her in a sexual way. Although Mio feels used, she continues to secretly please her father-in-law for the sake of her family’s well-being.

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