‘Jimoto no Hame Tomo.’ Doujinshi Will Have a New Movie!

Hi guys, ROOKIE studio revealed today that they will be released a new “Jimoto no Hame Tomo.” porn movie!

This new porn movie is titled RKI-661 地元のハメ友。「同級生の看護師K」 今日の体調を膣内で診断してくれるシゴデキ巨乳ナースと個室で生ハメ生中出し! さつき芽衣 , thas a duration of 150 minutes, and will be starring actress Mei Satsuki. The film will be released on March 8.

Jimoto no Hame Tomo.” is an NTR series consisting of six doujinshis by artist Raidon. Its publication started on January 15, 2022. On January 12, 2023, MOODYZ studio released MIMK-112, the first adult movie based on this story. “Jimoto no Hame Tomo.” revolves around a man with a wife and daughter who engages in sexual adventures with his friends.

After the protagonist suffered a car accident, he was hospitalized due to his injuries. In the hospital, he will be cared for by Kaori, his sexfriend who is a nurse and was his schoolmate in the past.

You can buy this doujinshi here: