Joshi Shashin-bu to Oji-san Shidouin Doujinshi to Be Made into a Live Action

Hey guys, are you ready for porn news? Today I’m going to tell you about two new adult adaptations. Last week was announced a live action about a schoolgirl doujinshi titled Joshi Shashin-bu to Oji-san Shidouin.

This film is entitled MUDR-233 女子写真部とおじさん指導員 フォトコンテスト受賞の条件は少女の身体。 柏木こなつ 工藤ララ and was produced by Muku studio. The talented actresses Konatsu Kashiwagi and Lala Kudo will play the leading roles of schoolgirls from the photography club.

If you are fans of this doujinshi, you will be pleased to know that its release date is scheduled for September 15 in digital format.

Joshi Shashin-bu to Oji-san Shidouin is a two-doujinshi series by artist Mizusane. Its first episode was released on January 28, 2022, and its second on November 12, 2022.


Joshi Shashin-bu to Oji-san Shidouin revolves around a photography club that was once the best in its time but is now in decline. To restore the club’s former glory, they are assigned a renowned photography instructor. Miu, the club president, is determined to do whatever it takes to improve the club’s situation, even if it means following the instructor’s sexual lessons.

After Miu wins a major contest, Sakura, her clubmate, becomes suspicious of her sudden improvement. When she discovers that Miu’s grandfather was a renowned photographer, Sakura assumes that Miu’s success is due to his influence. Jealousy and envy stemming from this misunderstanding cloud her judgment.

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