Kaede to Suzu the Animation 02 Will Be Re-Released with English Subtitles!

Amazing news for Pink Pineapple fans! DLsite released Kaede to Suzu The Animation’s second episode translated in Chinese, Korean and English!

If you don’t remember or don’t know, its first episode was re-released on DLsite translated in these three languages on March 3.

This OVA will cost $38 and, although it will be released on August 4, you can already pre-order it here:

Don’t forget to read the product description before purchasing.

We will inform you when Pink Pineapple announces new translated hentai.


Tsundere older sister, Kaede, and her younger, effortlessly cool twin, Suzu.
One day, they decide to surprise Hayato with a special something for his birthday. They take him to a fancy hotel room where they blindfold him. Hayato feels a little uneasy, but when he opens his eyes, he’s blessed by the sight of Kaede and Suzu in their undies! Instead of a present for his birthday, they decided to gift him their “services”… Will Hayato be satisfied with being on the receiving end this time?!

On their way home, knowing that the twins’ birthday is coming up, Hayato plots his revenge. Always being bossed around by Suzu, he plans to make her cum over and over as punishment! After tying her to the railings on the roof and having his way with her, suddenly Kaede can’t hold back any longer, and…?!