Kao No Nai Tsuki 02 & Sakusei Byoutou to Receive Official English Translations!

Great news! Pink Pineapple announced that Kao No Nai Tsuki’s second OVA will be translated into English!

If you don’t remember or don’t know, on September 1, Pink Pineapple released its first OVA translated into English, Chinese and Korean. For those fans who wanted more, this second OVA will be re-released in translation on October 6!

You can watch its official trailer here:

If you like this hentai, you can pre-order it here:


Suzuna loses her virginity when forced to consummate her marriage with Koichi. But Yuriko says something strange… “You’re the one who chose him.”

Meanwhile, newly-appointed family head Koichi gives into the temptation of the blooming camellias and has his way with Tomomi.

Suzuna witnesses the whole thing, and starts to cry. Does she love him or not?

And as Suzuna grapples with her own feelings, the cheerful and energetic Sayaka begins to change…

This was not the only news about legal translations that Pink Pineapple revealed recently. The label also confirmed that the popular series Sakusei Byoutou will also be translated!

The English version of this hentai will be titled Nope Nope Nurses THE ANIMATION, and it will also be re-released on October 6!

You can watch its official trailer here:

If you are a fan of these sexy sadomasochistic nurses, you can pre-order their first OVA here:

Before making your pre-order, make sure to read the product description thoroughly.


Yamada’s got a compound fracture in both hands. Classic Yamada! But that means he has to spend some time in the hospital — and worse, he can’t jack off! It’s worse than it sounds. Yamada has a condition that means he has to choke the chicken every three hours, or he’s wracked by unbearable pain.

Sounds fake, I know, but it’s a real problem, and real nurses have to help handle it!

The first is nurse Tachibana. She’s just as ill-tempered as the other nurses in the ward, but at least she gets the job done. Maybe not with a smile, but certainly with a professional’s touch… In Yamada’s case, though, a quick handjob may not be enough…