Lesbian Tomboy Girl Falls in Love with a Man

Hi guys, today I’m going to recommend you a doujinshi that tomboy girls fans will love.

Watashi ha Mesuinu is a doujinshi by the artist Bifidus, featuring Tomboy and Big breasts genres, which was released digitally on May 13 of this year.


Mizuki is a somewhat masculine woman who has been quite popular among other women since her school days. Currently, her relationships with other women go beyond friendship, as they behave like a couple. One day, while she was walking at night, she is cornered by some drunken men who try to hit on her. Fortunately, she is saved by a man whom she only knew by sight. After that, Mizuki starts meeting with this man until they go to a love hotel, where she gives him her virginity.

I hope you liked today’s recommendation. I want to give you the announcement that we’ll resume the doujinshis news, so in the following days you will see some publications on this topic.

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