Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku to… The Animation Re-Releases with English Subtitles!

Great news, Pink Pineapple recently revealed their upcoming hentai releases with English subtitles! The first announced release was Kao No Nai Tsuki 03.


Seemingly under the camelia’s spell, Suzuna makes a move on Kouichi.
She soon regrets her choice, but when she comes too her senses Kouichi is kind enough to look after her as she sleeps.
The gears are finally turning in their relationship, but a shadow looms over the Kuraki household.

The mysterious Chikako offers a warning about Tomomi, who soon pays Suzuna a visit. But something is very wrong…

You can buy this episode here:

The other release is one that was released this year, it’s the first episode of Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku toā€¦ The Animation.


Welcome to the Mojimojikan, the place where trainee witch Magical Mojigo plies her considerable talents as a fortune-teller.
One day, while divining the future of her own love life, she sees a busty sorceress getting it on with Leo, the client who has a crush on her!
Who could that sorceress be? You’ll just have to watch and see if your prediction was right!

If you like this hentai, you can pre-order it here:

Although both episodes will be released on November 3, you can already pre-order them!

Before making your pre-order, make sure to read the product description thoroughly.

I’m pleased to see that Pink Pineapple continues to provide multi-language translations for some of their anime. I hope they achieve strong sales, enabling us to enjoy more legal translation in the future.