Man Has Sex with Nieces to Help Them Pass Exams

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about a very interesting doujinshi I found. It’s titled Katei Kyoushi to Shite Isourou Shita Hazu ga, Eroi Gal-tachi to Sex Bakari Shite Imasu. and it was created by artist Shien. This doujinshi went on sale in digital format last April 26.

A student moves to Tokyo to study and his uncle lends him an apartment where Nao and Mio, his cousins, live. The uncle warns them that if they do not improve their grades, they will be kicked out. The protagonist becomes their private teacher so that they can study. After a while, he enters Mao’s room, who is sleeping sensually. After waking her up, she gives him a blowjob to tease him and they end up having sex. Mao keeps teasing him, but he penetrates her right there without caring that Mio is in the next room.

If you like stories about incestuous gals, I assure you that you will enjoy it very much.

You can buy this doujinshi here:

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my recommendation today!