‘Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku O The Animation’ Impresses with This Images!

Good morning, guys. Showten production company starts this week with good news, they have just revealed the first images of Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku O The Animation!

This animated adaptation looks promising. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, from these images, it can be deduced that Blue Bread Studio was responsible for producing this OVA.

If you’re wondering about its trailer, since the OVA is set to be released on February 22, it is likely to be revealed in early 2024. So, stay tuned to our website to find out before anyone else when it is published.

Koutarou and Sayaka, who were both dumped by their lovers, meet at a class reunion, and end up spending the night together at Koutarou’s house.

The two have polar opposite views on love and personalities, but their physical chemistry is outstanding, and they spend a night connecting both body and mind.