Night Tail 02 & Goblin no Suana 04 Official Trailers Revealed!

Magin Label made headlines yesterday because they finally released the trailers for Night Tail 02 & Goblin no Suana 04! First, let’s take a look at the one for Night Tail:

In this second OVA we’ll see the demon girl exploring her sexuality and trying anal sex for the first time.

In Goblin no Suana 04 we’ll see a samurai girl with a proud personality being raped by goblins until they get her pregnant.

Both episodes will be released on November 24, so don’t miss them.

Night Tail 02 Story

Night Tail was able to defeat a Dream Demon. Tired of fighting her enemies in dreams, she consoles herself to appease her horny body. She can’t help but do so, as she is at the age of sexual curiosity, a desire that arouses her interest in anal sex. Now she loves that immoral sensation she feels for her growing sexual desire.

Goblin no Suana 04 Story

Sayuki, a samurai from distant lands, stands out for her beauty and skills, but also hides a monstrous nature. She seeks to reach the highest rank among the warriors. However, the goblins attack her despite her skill and she is defeated for underestimating them. Captured by them, her samurai pride breaks down in her prison and she faces her new reality as the “female” of the goblins who rape and impregnate her.


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