No Future Shows Mahou Shoujo Noble Rose The Animation Trailer

Hey guys, I hope you’re fans of the magical girl, futanari and tentacle genres because they recently released the trailer for Mahou Shoujo Noble Rose The Animation.

Although the OVA doesn’t have much budget, the animation looks good.

Don’t forget that its first episode will be released on July 14.

Stay tuned for more news because in the next months they might confirm its second OVA!


Evil’s Ark, an evil organization, seeks the magical power of the young women they unleash during climax. They have ordered their bio-soldiers to attack them, generating fear in the city. Maika Saotome becomes Noble Rose, a magical girl, to challenge Evil’s Arks. Although she defeats the bio-soldiers, the magical girls are humiliated and raped repeatedly by their enemies and the townspeople they protected.