Nurse Fucks Her Friend’s Fiancé in Shuumatsu Hospital Episode 2!

The following news comes from A1C as they have just revealed their August releases! The first one is Shuumatsu Hospital episode 2, the upcoming hentai about a horny nurse who fucks her friend’s fiancé.

In the hospital, late at night, Misuzu and Shinichi engage in a passionate sexual relationship while Mie and Rika watch in amazement. Confused, Rika secretly follows Misuzu during her night rounds. Using the pretext of exchanging money, Misuzu provides intimate care to patients. Captivated by Misuzu, Shinichi forgets his former lover, Mie, who, although outwardly calm, is consumed by dark feelings inside.

It’s nice to know that, just days before this hentai debuts, A1C announces its second episode. This shows they have interest in their animated series.

If you liked its plot, be advised that this episode will be released on August 30.