Perverted Trap Attacks in Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari 04

Today we are excited to share some exciting news with you: the long-awaited trailer for Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari’s fourth episode has just been released!

In this installment, we will see new sensual experiences of Colette, the protagonist, with a trap who takes advantage of her and another intrepid adventurer.

If you are a fan of this hentai, or if you simply want to see a trap having sex with two girls, I remind you that this ova will be released on June 30.


The alcumist Colette is on her way to the guild today to go on a mission. However, someone stands in her way laughing loudly. She calls herself Emilia, a genius mage, and constantly chases after her to try to get her to join her group. Then, a beautiful woman named Chris-chan appears, who helps Collette keep the insistent Emilia away. But she also has her intentions with Collette…

“Would you like to do something kinky together?”

Surprise! Chris-chan actually turns out to be a male transvestite who seduces the heroines to have sex with them. The female guy approaches the big-breasted alcumist and the supposedly genius magician with perverted intentions.

Could this trap be more trouble than a giant monster?


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