Pregnant Samurai Is Raped by Goblins in a New Goblin no Suana OVA!

Good news! Goblin no Suana has revealed that it will have a fourth OVA! You will know all the details of this episode here:


Sayuki, a samurai from distant lands, stands out for her beauty and skills, but also hides a monstrous nature. She seeks to reach the highest rank among the warriors. However, the goblins attack her despite her skill and she is defeated for underestimating them. Captured by them, her samurai pride breaks down in her prison and she faces her new reality as the “female” of the goblins who rape and impregnate her.

This new OVA is very interesting because it is the first one where goblins are seen raping a pregnant slave girl, and also because it shows a scene where she is raped while breastfeeding goblin babies.

This OVA will also be released on November 24, so don’t miss it if you are a fan of this series.