Prostitute Housewife Turns Her Sad Life Around with the Help of an Unemployed Man

Alps1mando, the talented doujinshi grup behind Gekiyasu Fuuzoku de Ooatari Hiita www, has just released the second episode of this series! This amazing doujin tells the story of a housewife who turns to prostitution to help her husband.

I will leave you the story of his two doujinshi here:

[Rouhou] Gekiyasu Fuuzoku de Ooatari Hiita www

Tajima is a man who became unemployed after his company went bankrupt. His only entertainment is going to a low-cost bar once a month. One night when he was drunk, he ordered a cheap prostitute service, but he regretted it because he expected his companion to be a horrible woman. However, when he opened the door, he met a beautiful mature woman with big boobs named Akari. After that, they had passionate sex and after their encounter, Tajima listens to Akari’s painful story and gives her some advice.

Zoku【Rouhou】Gekiyasu Fuuzoku de Ooatari Hiita www

The story of this sequel is from Akari’s perspective.

Akari is a devoted and faithful wife who has to work as a cheap prostitute to bring home money after her husband becomes unemployed. Despite her sacrifice and still being an excellent housewife, she is treated selfishly by her husband who uses her body for his own pleasure.

After Akari witnesses her husband’s infidelity, she makes an important decision with Tajima’s advice.

If you like prostitute housewives with tragic stories, I recommend these two doujinshis. So don’t think twice, enjoy this story full of cheating sex.

You can buy both doujinshis here: