Queen Bee Unveils Trailers for Ito o Yoru and NocturnaL OVA 2!

In other news, Queen Bee didn’t fall behind either and also released the trailers for Ito o Yoru and NocturnaL episode 2! Let’s start by watching the NocturnaL episode 2 trailer:

Now let’s see now the Ito o Yoru trailer, the new vanilla hentai from Queen Bee.

Both OVAs seem interesting, but NocturnaL is the one that catches my attention the most. As for you, which one did you like better?

If you’re interested in watching these OVAs, remember that NocturnaL episode 2 will be released on June 28, and Ito o Yoru will be released on July 19.

Etou and Sayako haven’t seen each other lately. On a cold night, Etou yearns to see Sayako, and suddenly, she appears before him. During that same night, they both acknowledge their feelings while having sex.

Yumeko Origasa, a schoolgirl from a wealthy family who dropped out of school, asks to meet her teacher who recently resigned. When they meet, Yumeko tells him that she knows his secret and will accept his pervert side as long as he becomes her “doggy”.

A schoolgilr track and field athlete takes shelter from the rain at a lonely and secluded bus stop. Shortly after, a student otaku arrives at the same stop to seek shelter from the rain as well. As they talk, their dark desires show themselves and they both satisfy each other sexually.