Residence of Obscene Art OVA to Be Re-Released Uncensored!

I’m pleased to share an exciting news: Residence of Obscene Art (Injutsu no Yakata The Animation), a hentai OVA based on one of manga by renowned author Erect Sawaru, will soon be released in an uncensored version!

The legal hentai streaming platform, My Hentai Club, will be providing this highly anticipated and fascinating uncensored version to hentai fans. During our investigation, we reached out to My Hentai Club and discovered some interesting information. On April 14th, the uncensored version of Residence of Obscene Art was screened at the Porn Film Festival Vienna, a prominent annual adult film festival held in Vienna, Austria. It is worth noting that this OVA will not be limited to that festival, as it is also scheduled for exhibition at the Porn Film Festival Berlin in October.

Furthermore, My Hentai Club confirmed that the hentai will be available for streaming starting in 2024. This means that enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this thrilling series through the online platform. In addition to the online streaming option, we’re informed that distributor Trimax plans to release the hentai on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

Although the exact worldwide release date was not disclosed, this news is a great joy for all fans of uncensored hentai series. Stay tuned for official updates from My Hentai Club and Trimax for more detailed information regarding the release and availability of Residence of Obscene Art.

Residence of Obscene Art (Injutsu no Yakata The Animation) is an OVA based on the hentai manga by artist Erect Sawaru. Its animated version was produced by MS Pictures and Bootleg on August 1, 2014. The hentai tells Meru’s story, an elf who is in search of her missing sister. After a while, Meru finds her sister in a strange mansion, where she is kidnapped. Now both sisters are trained to become sex slaves.