Robot Woman Gets Fucked by Sexy Monster Girls in Reginetta-san no Bouken Anime Adaptation!

And for our last news of the day, we have something that will delight for demihumans and fantasy fans! Magin Label has announced that they will animate the Reginetta-san no Bouken hentai game!

Reginetta, who proclaims herself as the most beautiful and intelligent robot girl, bought an island for a mere 100,000 yen, feeling very fortunate to acquire her new property. Now she is heading to her island for a vacation, however, she realizes that the place is infested with sensual monster girls with whom she will have to deal with, either by defeating them in combat or through sexual encounters.

Alright, guys, as we’ve just read, in this new hentai, we’ll see a robot girl being fucked by monster girls. From the cover, it appears that the robot girl will first have sex with some futanari monster girls, although, in my opinion, their futanari penises look more like giant arms. Let’s hope the protagonist doesn’t die from being impaled by enormous giant penises.

Like the previous releases, this new hentai will debut on August 30, so don’t miss it!

Reginetta-san no Bouken (Rignetta’s Adventure) is a fantasy hentai RPG game about futanari monster girls developed by Watashi ga Ichiban Kawaii and published in 2022. Reginetta-san’s franchise also features several hentai doujinshis.

The Reginetta-san no Bouken game is translated into English and Chinese, you can buy it here:


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