Shikkoku no Shaga 03 & Maid Kyouiku Will Be Released with Official English Translations!

Great news for Pink Pineapple fans! The popular hentai anime label is going to re-release Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation’s last episode and Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki The Animation’s OVA translated into English!

Not long ago Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation’s first two episodes were released, and now we will finally have its last OVA.


The late Heian Period… Shaga, a large bird monster living in the Kurama Mountains, is entrusted with guarding Ushiwakamaru, a boy she rescued on a whim.

At long last, the Great Nine-Tailed Fox has revealed herself to the pair. Through Toyohime and Yorihime, she’s taken over the Heike clan, with the eventual goal of world domination!
Shaga is driven into a corner by the fox’s overwhelming power, but suddenly, a bright light shines down from the heavens.

What awaits the unusual pair at the end of their journey?

Also includes an epilogue featuring Kurenai and Miyato! Having left the small town where they were staying, the two happen upon a port city festival. And while enjoying the festivities, they encounter a couple even stranger than they are…

That’s not all, Pink Pineapple also officially translated Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki The Animation, one of their hentai releases this year!

Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki The Animation, is a hentai series based on a doujinshi by popular artist Kyockcho, Kaede to Suzu’s creator. This hentai was released last May 26 and now has an official English translation!


The noble Rurikawa family is noble no more…

The young lady of the house, a beautiful girl named Tsubaki, is taken in by the influential Poiman family to begin a new life…

As their personal maid!

And she doesn’t have much of a say in the matter. Tsubaki falls victim to the lustful whims of her new Master, undergoing what the twisted man considers “training” for his new staff.

Just how much farther can Tsubaki fall…?

Both hentai will be sold in two versions, normal and HD. The difference between these versions is the quality and price.

If you want to pre-order them, I’ll leave the links here:

~ Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation 03 ~

~ Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki The Animation ~

Don’t forget that both chapters will be released on August 4.

We’ll inform you when Pink Pineapple translates more hentai series.