Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation Will Re-Release Its Second Episode with English Translation!

Attention all hentai fans, we have amazing news for you! Pink Pineapple are going to release Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation’s second episode with legal translation in English, Chinese and Korean.

As you may recall, their first translated episode of this series was released last June 2, and it left us all wanting more. With its impressive animation quality and a captivating story set in traditional Japan, Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation (Jet-Black Shaga THE ANIMATION) has captivated many hentai lovers.

This second translated episode will be available from July 7. However, it can already be pre-ordered on DLsite website. You will be able to buy its OVA here:

We’ll let you know when they announce more exciting translations of your favorite hentai!


The late Heian Period…
Shaga, a large bird monster living in the Kurama Mountains, is entrusted with guarding Ushiwakamaru, a boy she rescued on a whim.

After a long journey, the pair breathes a collective sigh of relief on arriving at a waystation.
But danger lurks in the shadows…

A beautiful dancer has been causing a stir up and down the main road.
As she busies herself “entertaining” the men at the waystation, she orders them to search for the “Remnants of Genji”.

And just what mystery awaits in the mansion where Ushiwakamaru is staying?

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