Shoujo Ramune Episodes 3 & 4 Now Available in English Translation!

Hi guys, today I come with excellent news for fans of controversial anime Shoujo Ramune, DLsite has translated its last two episodes into English!

The episodes are priced at 13€ each and are available for purchase now. I’ll leave the trailers and synopses of the episodes here:

It’s the day of the summer festival, and Chie has come to show Tachikawa her yukata. After hearing his compliments, her innocent touch leaves him feeling horny. When Chie notices his boner, he strips her and uses her obi belt to restrain her as he licks her body all over.

After enjoying the summer festival, Komako and Chie watch the fireworks alone together. Emotions run high as they watch the beautiful fireworks, and Komako confesses her feelings to Chie. Chie accepts those feelings.

Tachikawa and Komako are caught in a sudden downpour and seek shelter at the nearby bus stop. She tells him that, thanks to his help, she was able to have sex with Chie.
Just hearing this was enough to make Tachikawa’s crotch swell.

After fighting with her family about her career as an idol, Tenka runs away from home.
While listening to her plight, for some reason, Tachikawa gets horny.

If you are interested in purchasing all Shoujo Ramune episodes, you can do so for 53€ here:

Before making your pre-order, make sure to read the product description thoroughly.

Although I recognize that this anime is controversial, it’s positive that more Japanese adult animated series are being translated into our language. I hope Mary Jane continues to translate their hentai, and that other labels do the same.