Shusaku the Letch Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Shuusaku (Shusaku the Letch), a cult hentai that helped popularize the Ugly Bastard genre, celebrates its 25th anniversary 


The hentai is based on Shuusaku (臭作), a popular eroge developed by Elf that was released on March 27, 1998.

The famous Pink Pineapple label, released its first animated episode on April 2, 1999. This controversial hentai concluded on November 5, 1999 with three episodes.


It is often said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. But in a certain lecher’s case, those lessons are definitely worth going through over and over again. As the superintendent of a building full of gorgeous women, it’s only natural for him to use his perks to dominate them into sexual submission. Though he is punished every single time, the circle continues. Because he’s the letch, and even though cleaning is his job, all he does is make everyone feel dirty.

By Kitty Media


In Japan, Shusaku the Letch enjoyed great success, which can be attributed to the popularity of niche genres prevalent at that time. The anime’s dark and intricate story, along with its iconic status within the hentai community, has allowed it to endure over time.

However, the reception of Shusaku the Letch overseas was not as widespread due to its taboo themes. Nevertheless, the series cultivated a devoted following among otaku fans who appreciated its distinctive approach to adult animation.

The influence of Shusaku the Letch on the Ugly Bastard genre cannot be overstated. It played a significant role in popularizing the genre, characterized by unattractive or morally ambiguous male protagonists, and elevated it within the hentai community.

Today, the Ugly Bastard genre is nearly as prominent as the tentacle genre among otaku, largely thanks to Shusaku the Letch and other entries in the “saku” franchise.


  1. Shuusaku was animated by Production D.M.H and directed by Jun Fukuta.
  2. This hentai is also known as Shusaku.
  3. After the anime series ended, Pink Pineapple released Shuusaku: Replay and Shuusaku: Liberty, two sequels to the original series.
  4. Eri was the only girl who was not raped in Shuusaku. This would change in its sequels.
  5. On July 3, 2001, NuTech Digital released Shusaku – The Man’s Paradise, an uncensored version with English dubbing of Shuusaku.
  6. On February 5, 2008, following the expiration of NuTech Digital‘s license, Kitty Media released Shusaku the Letch, a new uncensored version of Shuusaku.
  7. The protagonist, Itou Shuusaku, is part of the “saku” trio of brothers, along with Itou Isaku and Itou Kisaku, who helped popularize the Ugly Bastard genre in the early 2000s.
  8. Although the three brothers share the same surname and appear to be triplets, they are not blood relatives but rather “comrades united by the same cause.”
  9. In both the game and the anime, Itou Shuusaku is depicted with a fly.
  10. Just like his two brothers, Itou Shuusaku also dies in his animated series. However, what distinguishes him from them is that he not only dies physically but also symbolically upon discovering that he is an eroge protagonist.
  11. The character Eri is very important, since she was the only one who discovered that everything that happens in hentai is actually part of a video game.
  12. When Eri learns the truth, she not only tries to help Itou Shuusaku, but also us, the hentai viewers and eroge players. For this reason, in Shuusaku: Replay, she goes to the real world to save us from the anime and eroge.
  13. The Ugly Bastard genre became popular thanks to the “saku” saga protagonists.
  14. Although the “saku” brothers are the epitome of Ugly Bastard genre, the most popular Ugly Bastard character currently is Torao Takabe from Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru 2.

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