Suzuki Mirano Announces Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai’s Second OVA

The second hentai that was announced today is one that many are waiting for, it is Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai’s second OVA, the hentai about kidnapped and raped ninjas.


The kunoichi Ajisai captures the criminal Gamo, the man who has been kidnapping the village girls. In doing so, she discovers that there is someone else behind him, a corrupt merchant named Echigoya. Ajisai infiltrates the mansion disguised as a servant with intentions of seducing Echigoya, but he already knew her intentions. Echigoya uses obscene methods, aphrodisiacs and torture, to mentally break Ajisai.

The hentai is still looking good, fans will love this new OVA.

Its release date is scheduled for September 29.

We’ll inform you when they post their trailer.


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