The Lust Voyage Eroge Author NTRMAN Will Be Released in May

Hello NTR and Housewives genre fans! I have some exciting news to share with you! The well-known eroge author, NTRMAN, just announced on his Twitter account that he will be releasing a new game called The Lust Voyage at the end of May!

The Lust Voyage PV

So, what’s the game about? Well, according to NTRMAN, it’s about Sir Richard and his wife Lady Julia trying to escape from the angry citizens of Ertonbury. They secretly make a contract with the captain of a shady fishing vessel, hoping that he will help them escape to the next island. In short, we will see how the housewife is unfaithful to her husband with the captain fishing vessel. I’m sure this game will be full of NTR and erotic scenes!

If you’re a fan of NTRMAN’s work, and let’s be honest, who isn’t, you can support him by pledging on his Patreon account.

We will inform you when this author announces or releases a new eroge.