The Ninja R*pe Legend – Ajisai to Get an Animated Adaptation

A1C’s latest release for July is a very peculiar one because it is the adaptation of Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai.

I have to be honest with you, the animation quality is not as good as the previous Suzuki Mirano’s releases. But if you like brutally raped ninjas, I recommend you to watch it.

It is scheduled for release on July 28.

Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai (The Ninja Rape Legend – Ajisai) is an RPG game developed by Midnight Pleasure studio that was released in 2014. The plot revolves around Ajisai, a ninja who must endure sexual abuse from her kidnappers.


Ajisai is a ninja investigating a series of disappearances. While infiltrating a mansion, she is captured and sexually tortured using drugs and sex toys. Despite her skills as an experienced ninja, she struggles to endure the repeated sexual assaults.

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